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Stop those banging blinds forever

Are banging blinds keeping you awake at night? Are they annoying you while you work or while you’re watching your favourite TV shows? It’s time to stop those banging blinds forever! Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Blinds are great for keeping the house cool during summer and warm during winter, but when it comes around to those scorching Queensland summers, a cool breeze throughout the house is needed and this is something that can create headaches for those with blinds.

Most of us with blinds have experienced it before, you get home from work and open up a window to let the breeze in or you turn the fan on and 5 minutes later ‘clang,’ ‘bang,’ ‘clang’. It’s as if your blinds have started their own band (not a very good one) and they’re using your home as a practice venue – no thanks.

It’s much worse when there’s a summer storm brewing and even with the windows shut your blinds continue to dance in the wind. Don’t worry though, there is a way to stop your blinds from banging in the wind forever!

No more shoving pillows or shoes behind your blinds to stop the clanging or those botchy blue-tack jobs…. we’ve got the perfect solution, or should we say solutions?

One of those solutions is the Silent Rail System, which is available from point of sale when you purchase your roller blinds at Sun Stop Blinds.

The Silent Rail System

Designed to accompany any indoor roller blind system, it features a noise reducing barrier eliminating harsh sounds associated with rails bumping against window frames, noise commonly cause by air movement from open windows, room cross breezes or from heating and cooling systems.

The base rail can be open in any position and with the cushioning on the back it’s stops those horrible noises.

Its features include:

  • Slim and sleek profile design
  • Slim flush end caps preserving the clean line of the extrusion
  • Extruded aluminium 480grams per meter
  • Dimensions are 31mm x 13mm
  • No funnel required for easy sliding fabric assembly
  • Easy push filament of end caps
  • Individually sleeved lengths to avoid damage during manufacturing
  • Optional iZONE barrier used on windows with thin mullions

Another way to stop those banging blinds is by using The Force – sorry fans, we’re not talking about Star Wars!

The Force is a simple magnetic field (attached to your blind rails) that is strong enough to stop the rails hitting the wall or window frame. It can be added to your new blinds down the track or to existing roller systems.

As you can imagine, this invention was a massive break-through for the blind industry and sleep deprived customers. The Force’s motto is . . . “Live well, sleep well and feel fabulous” and that’s exactly what it’s helping our customers do!

Now you can have the fresh air circulating throughout your home, whilst still enjoying the privacy, room darkening and protection from the sun that your blinds provide. It’s a solution that we have taken very seriously at Sun Stop Blinds!

There are two options with The Force; we can supply you with the product and you can install it yourself or we can supply and install it for you! Easy! There are discounts on installations for a full house.

Stop those blinds banging today and give us a call now on (07) 3299-3055 or pop into our showroom to see for yourself.

“May the Force be with you”