Roller blinds offer more choices for your windows

Roller blinds are unique in that they can be there one moment and, as their name suggests, rolled up and out of sight the next.  They could almost be referred to as the blind you have on a window that doesn’t always need a blind. Roller blinds are so unobtrusive that with a quick flick of the wrist, or pull of a cord, it can almost seem that your window does not have a blind at all.

Adding to their appeal, windows fitted with roller blinds can exist side by side with sheer or lacy curtains, which provide a soft and romantic feel for bedrooms, or a whimsical, breezy feel for living areas. There’s something very relaxing about watching delicate curtains waft in a gentle breeze, and roller blinds provide you with that option.  If you prefer a clear and unobstructed view, roller blinds allow you to have just that, and enable you to admire ornate windows and window features.

As with many other blinds available from Sun stop blinds, roller blinds can provide a solid block out for bedrooms in the evening, to ensure a good night’s sleep.  For rooms that are vulnerable to the sun, Sun stop blinds manufactures blinds made from a mix of polyester and PVC mesh, with an SPF factor of 50. Amazingly, these particular blinds are still translucent, so you won’t lose your view.  If you can’t choose between a block out or a sunsafe fabric, Sun Stop blinds provides you with the option of double view rollers that feature two blinds in the one system.  This means you can have the best of both worlds, with full block out at night time, and sun safety through the day.

If you would prefer your roller blind to take centre stage and be not so discreet, Sun stop Blinds has a fantastic range of patterned and colourful fabrics to suit your style and taste.  Gone are the days when roller blinds were only available in plain creams or whites.  Sun stop Blinds have a range of fabrics and designs that provide you with the luxury of seemingly unlimited options.  You can choose to get quirky in a child or teenager’s bedroom, and find a fabric design to reflect their individual personality.  There are plenty of options for providing a cheerful focal point in your kitchen – the choice is yours.  Visit the Sunstop Blinds showroom for inspiration and ideas to suit your home and your needs.