kitchen blinds

Choosing the Best Blinds for your Kitchen

You may not think of it, but when choosing blinds for your kitchen there are 3 important things you need to take into account.


The kitchen is one room that is used a lot in the house, so most people like it to be brighter than other rooms and like to let the sunlight shine through, especially in the mornings. Rollers are great for kitchens, because you can put them up and out of the way allowing the light to come in or drop down to stop the glare or for privacy at night.

Slimline venetians are also great for kitchens, as you can alter the light with the twist of a wand. However, they do require more cleaning!


You can get really creative with kitchen blinds! Coloured or patterned blinds really do wonders for the feel of the room. Check out our new range of fabrics by Louvolite, they are perfect for the kitchen – including a country style fabric with chickens. Very fun and quirky!


Most blinds are easy to clean, but if you’re not really fond of getting between every panel or slat for cleaning, venetian blinds are probably not for you. Rollers and verticals are easier to clean, simply requiring a wipe down with a damp cloth or vacuum to remove dust and dirt.

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