Blinds for Christmas

Blinds for Christmas gift may be a bit of an unusual gesture, but custom blinds can actually make great Christmas gifts!

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about buying and fitting a whole house with blinds as a gift – unless you can afford that. we’re talking about gifting one or two feature blinds to a friend or family member.

If your parents or a friend has been wanting to jazz up their living room or kitchen for quite some time, a colourful feature roller blind could be the perfect gift. There are so many colours, patterns and styles to choose from – adding a pop of colour to any home! Blinds for Christmas - Printed Roller Blinds from Sun Stop Blinds

Would they like a funny picture print for the kitchen? Are they after a stylish design for the living room? Would they like a patterned print to match their living room colours? Maybe they’re after a fun kids room feature roller blind? The options are endless!

Onsite Consultation

If you are thinking of gifting a feature blind though, we recommend you tell your giftee first! We can organise to pop out and show them our range and colour options, and measure their chosen window for installation.

This will be one Christmas present they won’t forget, so why not do something a little different this year? Order a custom blinds from Sun Stop Blinds for your loved one so they can see your love and kindness all year round.

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